Whats the best way to create your site ?

If you are a property manager, creating a website will allow you to develop your reputation, reach a wider clientele and generate more leads. Now, most people use the Internet to prospect real estate so the website has become a must-see for real estate players.

Have you decided to create a website for your real estate? In this article you will find all the keys, tricks, techniques and tools to create a powerful website.

What you will learn in this article:

  • The key information you need to include on your site.
  • Tricks and techniques to improve the natural referencing of the site.
  • A selection of software and turnkey tools to easily create a property management site.
  • Examples of websites of real estate agencies.
  • The key elements of a successful property management site

The key information to integrate on your site

The website is the showcase of your real estate. It must reflect your position, by its content, organization and design. Your site must put forward your services and your property announcements in a personalized way. While respecting the standards of the web.

The key information you need to make visible on your real estate agency website are:

  • Your location. Where are you located? In what geographical area are the assets you manage located? State clearly, state and city where you work.
  • The services you offer. The Internet user must know, when arriving on the homepage, what is your activity: you only rent? Do you offer ancillary services - especially for owners (management, ...)?
  • Your positioning must be reflected in the design of your real estate agency site. You have to choose or create a "theme" in tune with your brand and offer. In general, a real estate agency site must above all inspire seriousness and professionalism. Choose sober colors, and limit yourself to three colors. Design is an essential element of differentiation. In a sector as competitive as real estate, the choice of design must be well meditated.

If you are still not sure as to what kind of property managment style is best for you and your customers, have a look at the best property management blogs, here! You will be able to have an idea of what is possible and what solutions are available, the best place to find all the latest info!